July 19, 2024

The Autism Program at The Wilder School

The Autism Program provides educational and clinical services for students in elementary school through high school who have autism or other related developmental disabilities. Using principles of applied behavior analysis, this program strives to teach students effective communication skills, social skills, functional academic skills, self-help/personal care skills, ADL skills and pre-vocational/ vocational skills training.

The team is comprised of Licensed Special Education teachers, a Speech-Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist and Paraprofessional support staff. They provide individual and small group instruction, both in school and in the community, to help their students generalize and maintain their skills in all environments.

The team strives to provide students with the skills necessary for them to "learn how to learn". The program supports students and families with all transitions, whether that be to a less restrictive setting such as back to their sending school, to another collaborative/alternative placement, or to adult services upon graduation.

"The HARP School has been such a great school for my special needs child. She has learned and mastered many new skills. She has regularly been able to enjoy and experience field trips and community outings.

The staff has been patient, loving, and accepting of her and [has] always treated her with respect. I can send her off to school each day [knowing] that she is well cared for and [not having] to worry about her needs being met. Highly recommended." —  The Josselyn Family


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